We are a modern real estate company born and raised in Philadelphia. You are the reason we've created it.

While many national and global names in the real estate industry tout their size and reach, we are proud to remain local, accountable and personal.  We are disciplined about using our resources wisely, staying nimble to ever-changing trends, and most of all: taking our clients to their next level. Our reputation – as a commercial brokerage company, as real estate investors and as business partners – is our engine for success. And we insist on making our success yours.



Pete at work.

Pete created Rethinc following 12 + years at SSH Real Estate, a Philadelphia-based commercial brokerage and investment firm. It is that experience together with an appreciation for sharp spatial use that fuels the company's philosophy.  Over the past decade, Pete has brokered hundreds of transactions working with corporations, start-ups, nonprofits, partnerships and investors in structuring various types of contracts from commercial leases to investment real estate acquisitions and dispositions.  As an investor himself, Pete has selectively grown a portfolio of real estate ranging from small multi-unit assets to partnership interests in larger mixed-use projects. Having the perspective of both a broker and investor helps put clients in a uniquely advantageous position. 

Pete at rest.

  • left-handed
  • Philadelphia native
  • bourbon over scotch
  • avid photographer
  • struggling golfer
  • proud owner of two dogs
  • world traveler
  • fairly handy
  • foodie
  • still struggling with golf

Pete is an active supporter and board member of the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), where he gets his fix in helping abandoned and unwanted animals find a loving home.  Learn more about PAWS here, and how you can help save a life.  They pay you back tenfold.


Vivek at work.

A Ph.D. Materials Scientist by training having worked for one of the largest chemical companies in the world, Vivek has nearly a decade of experience immersed in R&D, manufacturing, commercial strategy, patents, budget and finance and high-level analysis.  Naturally, he now applies such skills to real estate. With a mind built for details, Vivek leads Rethinc’s financial team in analytical modeling, sourcing debt and equity, risk assessment and general acquisition matters.  He also enjoys brokerage on any given day and has cultivated steadfast relationships with a network of trusting investors.  With a true passion for real estate, Vivek brings an irreplaceable energy to whomever he is working with.

Vivek at rest.

  • creates spreadsheets to relax
  • bounces around the world
  • technologyphile
  • speaks Hindi, English, some Spanish
  • born and raised in Delhi, India
  • likes a peaty scotch
  • extrovert
  • francisvillian
  • finance enthusiast

Vivek is the Founder and CEO of Sprout Capital, a cutting-edge platform designed to link capital with quality real estate investments, and Rethinc’s preferred capital source.  He gets both the bricks and the money side.

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Ian at work.

Ian has chosen a path of harnessing his creative mind through real estate. With a past life at Savills Studley, a London-based full service real estate firm, and experience in the construction and furniture trades, Ian has a well-rounded background with a unique combo of skills . His clients have come to appreciate his skillset and lean on him to navigate their real estate transactions from concept to delivery. At Rethinc, Ian works with companies of all industries and sizes, serving as their real estate advisor. After a hard day's work, he enjoys sitting down to think about sourcing investment and/or development opportunities. Ian works with Pete in all phases at Rethinc, and along the way, aims to humanize an often challenging and detailed process.

Ian at rest.

  • right-handed
  • fly fisherman
  • philadelphia sports junky
  • east falls resident
  • global citizen
  • design enthusiast
  • apple over samsung
  • average golfer (on a good day)
  • aquaphile
  • educationworks board member
  • dad



Henry at work.
N/A does not work. Henry is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is so cute that he can basically do and get away with anything he wants. Although born in 2011, Henry looks like a permanent puppy and despite his desire to cuddle and be around people every waking hour, when the scent of food enters the room, his dark passenger often emerges.

Henry at play.

  • food
  • toys
  • licking
  • food
  • toys
  • licking
  • food
  • his Mommy

Lyja at work.
Lyja brings a wealth of experience chasing squirrels around the neighborhood, sleeping and ignoring everyone’s personal space. In a previous role and as a puppy, Lyja spent time in a city shelter dreaming and masterminding a plan of seducing the perfect human victim. It didn’t take long. While her humble beginnings have taught Lyja to greatly appreciate her relationships and at times proceed cautiously, she is now living the Pit Bull dream and has access to more tennis balls than she knows what to do with.

Lyja at play.

  • cuddling
  • panting
  • smiling
  • belly rubs
  • chicken wings
  • groaning
  • tap dancing
  • stick chewing